I recently purchased a wood bumper for my phone from Grovemade, and I am truly enjoying it. For several months I had been using Mophie’s Juice Pack Air (which doubles my battery life), but I grew frustrated with how big it was. That’s when I decided to check out Grovemade.

Grovemade handcrafts phone cases, desk supplies & even watches out of high-quality wood. The Portland-based company is built on friendship and values. It was started 5 years ago by two friends, Joe Mansfield and Ken Tomita, and strives to do everything within the principles

Be Bold // Do Everything Better

Be Open // Work Stronger Together

Be Bright // Live Positively and be Nice

It took me quite a while to determine what to buy because there are so many beautiful things on their website, but eventually, I decided to purchase the walnut wood bumper. I like its simplicity and size.

Now that I’ve been using the bumper for a few weeks, I’ve noticed that it does shift a bit if you hold it a certain way, but overall it fits well and looks good. I have had no trouble putting it on or taking it off. (I’ve taken it off twice—both on days that I was flying and needed my Mophie’s extra battery life.)

I realize a bumper isn’t the right case for everyone, but Grovemade offers other styles as well. If you need to buy a new case for your phone, I’d suggest that you take a look at Grovemade.

Wood Bumper

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