From Typewriter to iPad

Guest post from my father, Phil Buck:

I am typing this blog post on my iPad mini while I fly from San Francisco to Chicago. This is quite different from how things were when I was introduced to computers. My first attempts at typing came from stroking a manual typewriter. There were many long, frustrating evenings shooting rolled up typing paper at a make-believe basket across the room (a trash can). I remember thinking, “there surely is a better way to improve my bank shot.”

Until the arrival of my first personal computer, I wrote with an IBM Selectric typewriter. I didn’t think I’d ever own a pc, but a relative called in the spring of 1992 and offered to buy me a computer. He bought me a Compaq 486 (pictured above). I remember a coworker telling me the 486 was so powerful that it was all I would ever need.

When I brought home my 486 from CompUSA, I had emotions of excitement and fear. Over time, the fear was replaced with frustration, and the excitement was replaced with awe and respect for the intellectual abilities God has given man. The frustration at times returns, but I brush it aside with a determination to at least attempt to keep up with my grandkids.

From the gift of the "all I would ever need" 486 in 1992 to HP and Apple products that I use every day, my shooting skills have further declined, trees are more abundant, and my ability to misplace my "typewriter" has exponentially multiplied. I can't think of a better way to keep my mind sharp than to adapt to new technology. Thankfully that sometimes means watching NBA three-pointers on my iPad mini.  

Phil Buck