Filling the Walls

Just a few weeks ago, I shared photos of my newly-placed furniture. It’s been nearly a month since then, and I have been spending most of my time working, blogging, and organizing my apartment. I still only have one chair, (Someday, I will own a couch!) but my apartment is starting to come together. Today, I’m going to share a few of the things that are finally hanging on my walls.


This is my wannabe-Jon-Andrews piece. I made this assemblage sculpture in high school while at Bob Jones University Art Camp. Jon Andrews was my teacher. His work is extremely detailed and uniquely beautiful. I hope to buy one of his sculptures someday.

I purchased the watch at a market in Shanghai, China. It doesn't work anymore, but I love the detail.

Cup O Caffeine

“Cup o’ Caffeine” was designed and printed by Alyssa Guerrero. It is pinned to a frame of sorts that my mom and I made while I was in high school. We wrapped some scrap carpet around a canvas and stapled it to the frame. It works perfectly for attaching things with either velcro or pins.

print wall
print wall
print wall

I hung a thin piece of wire and attached prints using mini clothespins. The print on the left was made by Karen Kong. I found the one in the center, & Alyssa Guerrero printed the one on the right.


This charcoal piece was made by Alyssa Guerrero. I had it framed at the Hobby Lobby in Greenville before I left.

Thanks for reading!

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