Discovering What I Love to Do

Guest post by Stephen Buck:

Team sports have always been appealing to me, but strictly running for running's sake: no thank you. For years I ran to get into shape for a sport. It was a means to an end.

I have been told that I feel pain and joy more deeply than most and that this influences what I do and love. These feelings don’t always manifest themselves in outward emotions. Many have been trapped inside: The joy of spending time with the girl I liked or the intense emotion of a person I cared about dying. Both have strong feelings attached and rarely are released. Some emotions are visible though, like watching Duke Basketball or reaching a personal goal. These feelings fuel me, and can be seen in the time I spend on each.

With many emotions being trapped, I needed an outlet, a release. Running has become that for me. Running lets me shoot for a goal and hit it. Getting on the trail drives me. It pulls me through my weeks. Being in bed at 10:00 pm on a Friday night is a routine I cherish, because I can be running on the trails by 6:00 am.

Each of us has a special personality given to us by God, and because of that our interests will be vastly different. Saying everyone should run or care about antiques would be shortsighted. But we all have things that help us express our gifts, and emotions, mine happens to be running.

I've discovered that I love running. What drives you to wake up early or stay up late? What do you love to do?

Stephen Buck

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