Baseball Cap

I'm thrilled to share another poem written by my good friend, Christian Shockley. "Baseball Cap" is the most recent addition to Christian's series of poems titled In the Station of the Metro. This delightful poem compares a five year old boy who is sitting in church to an old man on Wall Street. As we read, we watch this elderly man shift his focus away from what Wall Street worships. Enjoy.

Every morning, he tops off

his Wall Street walk

and wear with a

backwards tattered cap.

It makes him young.

Not that a hat could ever

reverse sagging cheeks and

escaping grey hairs,

but the cotton seems to

seep in through his brain and weave

new sinews. He’s a five-year-old

boy again, wearing his Sunday best:

he squirms and tugs his suit sleeves

to show he doesn’t quite fit,

to show he doesn’t quite get

what everyone else worships.

Header image from Explore PA History

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