Airplane Friends

When I flew to South Carolina a few weeks ago for Thanksgiving, I sat beside a PHD student studying mathematics. We talked about his thesis work, the benefits of post-graduate studies and our common struggle with learning Mandarin. Our conversation was intriguing and encouraging, and the time flew by.

I’m not always chatty when I fly, and I don’t begin conversations each time (especially on early morning flights). But I have shared my faith, talked about books and discussed careers. I’ve found that most people enjoy talking about themselves, and there is much to be learned from others. Of course, sometimes conversations are awkward and end with both of us taking out a book. But it is worth the risk.

Next time you fly, don't be afraid to start a conversation. Ask questions. Learn what your airplane friend is passionate about and take the opportunity to share your passion. You never know how insightful that conversation could be.

ThoughtsTimothy Buck