About Me

My name is Timothy Buck. I was born in Florida, and raised in Asheville, North Carolina where my parents are teachers at a small Christian school. I'm blessed to come from a family of educators who have encouraged and enabled me to succeed.

While in middle school and high school, I played sports, attended church, and ran a small company that I dubbed Buck Brothers Landscape and Maintenance. This small business offered an array of priceless opportunities to learn. I dealt with taxes, marketing, accounting, customer service, government regulations (on pesticides), and so much more before I had my driver's license. My dad was an indispensable help and encouragement. He would drive me around all day on Saturday and after soccer practice on weekdays. Without him Buck Brothers never would have existed.

After high school I attended Bob Jones University where I studied humanities for a year and a half before switching my major to international business. The summer after my freshman year I taught English and culture classes to freshman nursing students in Shanghai, China. My experiences in China led me to study Mandarin Chinese for the next four semesters at BJU. Along with adding Chinese and changing my major, my sophomore year was also the beginning of my involvement with the yearbook at BJU—The Vintage. For the next three years I spent much of my time working on the publication of three books and a website. I will always be thankful for the incredible opportunities the University provided for me during my four years there.

I love technology, and I have for as long as I can remember. The first big tech purchase that I made was in 2005. I saved my money for what seemed like forever, and I bought the iPod with video. I remember telling my parents that it would last me through college as a way to excuse the high price, and although I don't use it very often, it does still work.

My journey with technology seems almost accidental when I look back on it. I played around taking apart computers and using Linux on bootable thumb drives in middle school and high school. When I started college I applied at The IT Connection (the on-campus computer repair shop) because I thought it would be fun. Two years later I began working at a software company in Greenville called Varigence Business Intelligence. My first few projects at Varigence involved doing some basic graphic design work in Photoshop and Illustrator, but I quickly moved into a web development role. The following year I worked at Your Creative People in two different functions—business intern and web developer. Working in a structured marketing firm on both sides of the same projects taught me much about development and project management. It is encouraging to see how God has weaved my experiences in business and technology together to prepare me for my career.

This past week I moved to Houston, Texas, and so far it has been fun. I have enjoyed finding furniture for my new place (although I still only have one chair).

Tomorrow I begin my career as a business analyst for Hewlett-Packard. I know the future will bring both hardship and blessing, but I am excited to see what comes next.

Thanks for reading.

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