3 Tips for Blogging

  1. Start Now. When I first had the idea to begin a blog, I researched as much as I could. I read blog posts, listened to podcasts and looked into every type of blogging platform available. These are all good things, but they began to keep me from starting a blog. I felt like I couldn't start until I knew what I was doing, and I always found more to read and to learn. The best advice I was given was to start. So that's my first tip for you. If you're interested in blogging, start blogging and start now.

  2. Share Everywhere. The best way to grow the reach of your blog is to share it. Share every post you write. Until you build a serious following, the majority of your readership will be people who see your posts on social media. Over 80% of my blog traffic comes from Facebook and Twitter. There are countless ways to share (social media, email, word of mouth, etc), but unless you share, people won't read what you write.

  3. Find Focus. I read Christian books and business books, The New Yorker and The Economist, art blogs and technology blogs. What I read varies dramatically, but everything I read has a focus. We all have a lot to say, but focus helps turn a blog from a journal into a resource. It brings continuity and helps us provide valuable content to our readers. Don't wait to blog until you have focus. Blog now, but find a focus.

P.S. I haven't found my focus yet.

ThoughtsTimothy Buck