3 Fun Facts About Listicles

Most of you have never read the word “listicle” before, but you see them every day. They seem to have taken over the internet. Facebook is crawling with them. If you still don’t know what a listicle is, I’ll give you a hint: You are reading one.

  1. Listicles have been championed by not-so-reputable-sites such as Buzzfeed, but they’ve become a part of even the most respected news sites—The New Yorker.
  2. Listicles are growing in use because they work. The Content Marketing Institute’s research shows “titles that began with a number performed 45 percent better than the average.”
  3. A listicle as defined by Oxford Dictionaries is “an article on the internet presented in the form of a numbered or bullet-pointed list.”

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of listicles. I try not to read them, but I still catch myself doing it all of the time. Even listicle-haters can’t dispute the facts—people enjoy reading them.


  1. How often do you read listicles?
  2. Had you ever heard of the word before reading this post?
  3. What do you think about listicles and the way they are influencing our reading habits?

P.S. This is a great article from The University of Chicago Magazine entitle "The listicle as a literary form."

ThoughtsTimothy Buck