Portrait of Timothy Buck

Hi! Timothy here. I live in San Francisco, California with my brilliant wife, Alyssa. I'm a senior product manager at Mosaic as well as the host and producer of two podcasts.

Before moving to San Francisco, I earned a degree in International Business with honors and worked with an amazing team of developers at HP, building large-scale web services.

After HP, I was a product manager at Varigence, a business intelligence automation company. The products I managed help businesses like Microsoft, Barclays, Spotify and Wells Fargo make better decisions with their data. 

Around the same time, I became a founding partner of Nicer, a successful design and development studio that partners with companies to design, build and launch their next product. I later sold my stake in the company.

After Varigence and Nicer, Alyssa and I moved to San Francisco, and I spent a few years managing products for Ygrene, an industry-leading PACE-financing startup.

This Site

I share a lot of what I do and love on this site.

I began writing regularly on this site in mid-2014 with one goal—become a better writer. Since then, the site has morphed dramatically, and I've focused my writing. Now I write about technology and personal development. My older work can be found in the archives.

The best way to contact me is on Twitter@TimothyBuckSF. You can also email me—hi@timothybuck.me.