Hi! Timothy here. I live in San Francisco, California with my wife, Alyssa. I'm a product manager at a finance startup as well as a co-founder of Nicer Studio, a design and development shop. 

Before moving to San Francisco, I earned a degree in International Business with honors and worked with an amazing team of developers at HP to improve support. (We developed large-scale integration and web services.)

After HP, I was the product manager for a business intelligence software company. (The applications I worked on help companies like Microsoft, Barclays, Spotify and Wells Fargo make better decisions with their data.)

I began writing regularly in mid-2014 with one goal—become a better writer. Since then, the site has morphed dramatically, and I've focused my writing. Now I write about technology and personal development. I review products and share five tech links each Friday. My older work can be found in the archives.

I've also created resource pages for products I've launched, the book I read each week, the podcasts I enjoy and the tools I use to get things done.

If you would like to work with me, have any suggestions for the site or just want to chat, please reach out. The best way to contact me is on Twitter@TimothyBuckSF. You can also email me—hi@timothybuck.me.