Portrait of Timothy Buck

Timothy Buck

I am a senior product manager heading up growth at Mosaic, a fast-growing green-energy fintech company. I am also a writer and the host and producer of two podcasts, UNCO and Accessible. I live in San Francisco, California with my brilliant wife, Alyssa.

I keep lists of some of my favorite things: podcasts, books I’ve read, and tools for getting things done.

My Career Journey

I grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and attended college in South Carolina where I earned a degree in International Business with honors.

My first job out of college was as project manager and business analyst for an amazing team of developers at HP. We built large-scale web services.

Nerdy Note: We measured call volume in hundreds of millions and billions.

After HP, I became the head product manager at Varigence, a business intelligence automation company. The products I managed help businesses like Microsoft, Barclays, Spotify and Wells Fargo make better decisions with their data. 

Around the same time, my founding partners and I launched Nicer, a successful studio that partners with companies to design, build and launch their next product. I later sold my stake in the company.

Alyssa and I then moved to San Francisco where I spent a few years managing products for Ygrene, an industry-leading PACE-financing startup. Early in my time there, I led a team in building iOS and Android apps for our partner network. After that, I was an instrumental leader in a business-wide initiative to stand up a direct to consumer business—strategy, operations, and software solution. Before I left the company, we had grown the direct to consumer business into a meaningful percentage of overall business volume and revenue.

Now I head up growth for Mosaic. My current focus is on strategy and product leadership for growing the home improvement business line.


Elsewhere Online

Podcast Appearances

I love being a guest on podcasts. Please reach out on Twitter or over email if you’d like me to come on your show.

Freelance Writing

I’m new to freelance writing, and I’m extremely excited about it. If you’d like me to write for your publication, send me an email or DM me on Twitter.